Student Reveals Her X Factor During AP Calculus

Avni Kamat, A&E Editor

Baylor Nimble, a senior at Lexington High School, divulged her impressive singing talent to her Calculus class March 14. after a Zoom mishap. 

Forgetting to mute herself during a pop quiz, Nimble caused a commotion during the Zoom meeting with her impromptu singing performance.

“At first, I thought someone was fearless enough to seek an outside resource for help during the quiz. Then, I realized it was Baylor singing. She’s usually so quiet,” Indy Graal, Nimble’s Calculus teacher, said.

Unaware of the fact that she was unmuted, Nimble was surprised when her classmates interrupted her singing with applause.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to share my songs with anyone. I had to turn my camera off to save myself the embarrassment. Being vocal really contradicts my reputation. Since then, I’ve learned to shake it off though,” Nimble said.

Nimble is an avid singer-songwriter, oftentimes filling the margins of her calculus notes with lyrics for her new albums. 

“I’m always looking for song inspiration. I feel like people always expect you to write about derivative topics like love or a lack thereof, but I like to challenge my limits with more abstract concepts,” Nimble said.

The pop quiz stirred Nimble’s creative genius, inspiring her to express her feelings of utter confusion and hopelessness through singing.

“When I read the first question on the pop quiz, the lyrics just began to flow. I got a blank space baby and I didn’t know how to fill it,” Nimble said. 

Although most students enjoyed the entertainment while it lasted, others felt that it was an unnecessary distraction.

“When I realized that Baylor wasn’t muted, I felt second-hand embarrassment. I knew she was trouble when she walked in. Personally, I think her singing sacrificed the integrity of the test and my 5.0 GPA. Although, she does kind of sound like someone famous —Tyler Speedy, maybe,” Kayne North, Nimble’s classmate, said.

After the dramatic performance of Nimble’s new original, her classmates were quick to realize their peer’s hidden star potential.

“Usually, I try to erase tests from my memory as swiftly as possible. But I don’t want to forget the moment I saw a star in the making. I will always remember that test and I hope Baylor remembers me at the Grammys,” Shaggy Styles, a senior, said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

Graal echoed this sentiment, recounting the artistic talents she has encountered throughout her teaching career.

“I have taught so many talented students over the years: doodlers, hummers, foot-tappers—you name it. Baylor is different though. As a math teacher, I have to say that Baylor has the X factor,” Graal said.