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Serving Love to the Community - LHS Food Service Workers
Jahnavi Bolleddula and Avni Rathi March 30, 2023

The food service workers at Lexington High School play a critical role in the school community. Not only do the cafeteria workers prepare menus and meals, but they also ensure...

The School Health Advisory Council and Student Voices
Pranav Chivukula and William Tang March 30, 2023

For the past 40 years, the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) has worked tirelessly to improve the health and well-being of students at Lexington Public Schools.  SHAC is...

Creating Community - The LHS Art Department
Laura Yang and Allison Ma March 30, 2023

Through diverse visual art courses and experienced teachers, Lexington High School's Art Department helps students explore different mediums and find their art interests.  LHS...

Student Engagement and Faculty Assistance: LHS Art Teaching Assistants
Janya Utkarsh March 30, 2023

At Lexington High School, a great emphasis is placed on the Visual Arts Department. Classes ranging from ceramics to video game design, are part of a larger selection that allow...

Ida’s Insights: Lunch Bell Loonacy
Ida Sjodin March 30, 2023

It has been a mystery to many, both students and teachers, what the true meaning of the lunch bells are. Some say that the first bells mark the start of lunch, while some say that...

Talia’s Thoughts: The Growing Threat of Climate Change and the Lexington Public School System’s Response
Talia Alperin March 30, 2023

Lexington High School has recently installed solar panels in all parts of its buildings, another action our school has taken to address the threat of climate change. The threat...

LHS hosts LexMUN Conference
Nora Kapoor and Mrigank Dhingra March 30, 2023

On Jan. 28, Lexington High School hosted the annual LexMUN conference, where schools from all over Massachusetts gathered to debate real world issues, such as terrorism, economic...

South Asian Student Association Dance Event Jan. 20
Anagha Chakravarti and Sejal Mammai March 30, 2023

After a year of planning, Lexington High School’s South Asian Student Association (SASA) held their first dance event at the Lexington Community Center on Jan. 20.  SASA’s...

New Initiatives of LHS P.E.
Maddie Chang and Angie Tang March 30, 2023

The Physical Education department at Lexington High School strives to help students lead an active lifestyle during high school and beyond.  “Our focus is not on athletic...

Behind the Scenes of the LHS Indoor Track Team
Nolan An and Sophia Zhang March 30, 2023

Amid the 2023 indoor track season, the Lexington High School track team is training hard and competing. Each week is packed with five two-hour practices and a meet. As the team...

STEM Profile: Alicia Li
Ryan Qin and Felix Cao March 30, 2023

Lexington High School senior Alicia Li will graduate this year having demonstrated a strong passion and aptitude for math through her coursework and extracurricular activities...

STEM, Sports, and the Shared Qualities Between
Sarah Chen and Disha Sankholkar March 30, 2023

Although teamwork is commonly associated with sports teams, it is also an integral part of STEM teams. Two Bits and a Byte is a robotics team at Lexington High School which takes...

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