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The Musket

Welcome to Lexington High School

Dear Class of 2025, Welcome to Lexington High School! As an incoming freshman, the thought of being a high school student strikes a strange balance of thrilling and intimidating. We wish we could share...

Productivity 101: A Practical Guide to Navigating High School

Sarah Liu, Features Editor

High school is an enormous transition for every freshman—equally exciting as it is challenging. You’re in for new freedoms and responsibilities, so how do you avoid getting lost in these changes? Planning!  There...

Favorite Places on Campus

Avni Kamat, Editor-In-Chief

While LHS’ California-style campus boasts a variety of exciting spots, these locations are a few of my favorites. Location #1 - The freshmen modular classrooms, also known as the mods, are where...

Choosing Extracurriculars at Lexington High School

From Anime club to Beekeeping club, the wide selection of activities at Lexington High School allows students to explore their interests and meet new people. While this presents an exciting opportunity...

Freshman Advice and Tips

Angie Leung, Online Editor

Plan out your courses and credits Before picking out sophomore year courses or modifying your current course load, browse the Lexington High School Program of Studies. If possible, take gym classes...

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