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Zoom: Pros and Cons

Natalie Olofsson, Columnist

Is “Zoom Fatigue” real? With the long hours spent staring at a screen, frequent glitches due to audio issues or screen-sharing malfunctions, and an endless array of different links and assignments,...

LHS Hallways

Darren Tran, Columnist

It’s Monday morning, and I am heading to my first class of the day. I walk all the way down to the side doors closest to the football field (to abide by COVID-19 student movement protocols), enter through...


Thomas Ahn, Columnist

Hey future me—you’ve probably forgotten about your high school self, So let me refresh your memory on this peculiar stage of your life.  Your high school GPA, you remember this though, right? No,...

The Science of Sourdough

Sarah Meyer, Columnist

When I first gained interest in baking sourdough in 2012, it was little more than a niche artisan bread. But now, in 2021, making sourdough is unquestionably the hottest quarantine baking trend—and for...

Hope During COVID-19

Alex Tang, Columnist

2021 is finally here. Typically, the New Year is a time to start anew and set ambitious resolutions. But one thing has not changed since 2020—the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging across Massachusetts...

Tenet – Movie Review

Pavan Cheruku, Columnist

Tenet is like if hot sauce were a movie. The film evokes a variety of emotions that you never thought you were capable of experiencing, but it also makes you feel like doubling over in discombobulation....

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