Singing Valentines Return In-Person

On Feb. 14, 2022, Singing Valentines returned to Lexington High School. Quartets of LHS students serenaded other students as they did pre-pandemic, while still adapting to COVID-19 protocols.

Due to the pandemic, Singing Valentines were conducted remotely last year. Members of Singing Valentines groups created videos for recipients, and auditions and rehearsals were held remotely, as well. This year, singers will be able to sing in-person in classrooms, but will wear masks and maintain a six foot distance from others.

“It was really nice to see everybody in-person and even though we had masks on it felt like we were kind of getting back to some sense of normalcy,” Saanvi Mammai, a member of one of the quartets, said.

To become a member of one of the Singing Valentine groups, auditionees were required to reenact what they would do in a classroom when the time came to perform.

“So the way auditions work, you prepare a solo… the group song and a pickup line, and you do them as eight with two people on a part and then you do them with four walking around the person in the chair. And then you sing your solo,” Lila Sandler, a junior and member of one of the quartets, said.

Another audition requirement includes preparing a pickup line. Ellie Caro, a junior member of Singing Valentines, referenced a pickup line her sister Christina Caro used.

“Are you a Carole King musical? Because you’re beautiful.’ It was very sweet,” Caro said.

Purchases for Singing Valentines began a week before Valentine’s Day. Senders were able to purchase a Singing Valentine during lunch and customize it, choosing whether they want an all-female, all-male, or mixed group of singers to deliver the valentine. They could also opt to send a note to the recipient of the Singing Valentine.

On Valentine’s Day, the quartets followed a schedule based on the information given from the sender.

“At the end of the block, if we have time, we can visit other teachers or other students we want to sing for. And that’s really fun, too,” Mammai said.

In the weeks leading up to the performances, members of the Singing Valentine quartets looked forward to the preparation and practice needed for the event.

“The actual planning and getting the tickets, and creating our schedules, within the whole process of itself is going to be really fun leading up to the actual day,” Mammai said.

By performing in-person Singing Valentines, the singers hope to leave a more positive and long-lasting impact on the recipients compared to the previous year.

“I always feel like it’s better to see a performance in person than virtually. And as a performer you feel that as well. So this year, I think it’ll have a much bigger impact on people and I think everyone misses itt,” Mammai said.