Your Guide to Guidance Counselors

Anvita Kalpande, News Editor

As you start your freshman year at Lexington High School, one of the most important people you will meet is your guidance counselor. Guidance counselors help students navigate through all four years of high school. Here are some frequent questions that we answered to help you out.

Where can I find my guidance counselor?  Your counselor’s name is on your schedule, which can be found on your Aspen portal. Counseling offices are organized based on the four buildings at LHS: Arts & Humanities, Math, Science, and the World Language building. In each, there is a room where all of the counselors’ offices are located. You can find your guidance counselor’s building on the LHS Counseling Department website.

What does my guidance counselor do? Your guidance counselor can help you with various personal issues, and throughout the year, there will be designated times in your schedule to further your growth as a student. In freshman year, you will start counselor seminars: blocks where you and a few of your peers will meet with your counselor and get to know each other. In sophomore year, counselor seminars will introduce career options, and in junior year, your counselor will help you with the college admissions process. At the beginning of your senior year, your counselor can provide you with a letter of recommendation for colleges, so getting to know your counselor early on in your high school career is a great idea.
When can I meet up with my guidance counselor? Besides counselor seminars, there are many other opportunities to meet with your counselor. If you are dealing with problems with friends, teachers, or family, or are stressed out, your counselor can help. Additionally, your counselor is also in charge of all scheduling changes, such as adding or dropping a class at the beginning of a semester. They can also help you explore extracurriculars, summer activities, and help write recommendation letters for any applications. If you ever want to meet your counselors, just schedule an appointment! 

How do I schedule an appointment with my guidance counselor? You can usually schedule an appointment with your counselor by emailing them. Their emails can be found on the LHS Counseling Department website. If you don’t get a response right away, you should try emailing again. Most counselors are also okay with you simply visiting their office to talk, especially if it is urgent. 

What do I do if I visit my guidance counselor but they aren’t in their office? Guidance counselors can be busy, so they might not always be in their office if you visit them without a scheduled appointment. In that case, try again in a few hours or the next day! If you still can’t reach them, try asking other guidance counselors. 

Although the next four years of your life may be hard to navigate, the LHS Counseling Department will handle many of the problems you encounter. Whether it is community service, scholarships, or job opportunities, your guidance counselor will have the resources for you to make the most of your time at LHS!