Dear Class of 2026,

Ria Vasishtha, Vidula Mannem, and Ellen Wang

Dear Freshmen, 


Welcome to Lexington High School! 

In the last few days, have you felt nervous, awkward, or even realized that the upperclassmen are actually not as tall as you had imagined? Well, you aren’t alone. With over 2000 students walking around LHS, we’re sure that many students (even seniors) have felt the same emotions. 

While the jump from middle school to high school can seem overwhelming, don’t worry; you will soon find a community of friends and teachers at LHS that are here for you. In time, you will familiarize yourself with the long hallways and grow to love the lack of air conditioning in most buildings and the hornets that occupy the trash can outside the Main Building (hello!). 

As you settle in, remember that there’s more to life than just the walls of LHS. High school isn’t a rat race to get the highest GPA or collect the most prestigious awards; it’s a time to learn and grow. Mistakes are OKAY. Looking back, we’ve made a lot of mistakes: walking into the wrong classroom after the bell, misreading a math problem on a test, and even going to the wrong lunch period. 

Today, we can’t even remember half of the mistakes we made. Why? The simple answer: they don’t define us. Sure, we cried over them, or our faces turned as red as a tomato momentarily, but learning from them and moving past them ultimately helped us achieve our own success. 

Success is defined differently for each person. For you, it may be straight 100s and A+s. For another, it may be ending the day confident and happy. While expectations and aspirations can seem rigid, allow your goals to evolve with you. After all, your success is individual.

Don’t feel the need to fit into a mold: explore your passions and discover what you love. If this means taking a humanities class despite entering high school with the pre-med route in mind, try it out. Or if you want to experiment with a new skill or hobby, like coding or learning to cook, try it out. You may surprise yourself in the process. 

This year, be open to the opportunities around you, whether that be joining a school club (perhaps The Musket!), introducing yourself to someone new, or signing up for fun electives. 



The Three Musket-eers