Creating Community – The LHS Art Department

Laura Yang and Allison Ma

Through diverse visual art courses and experienced teachers, Lexington High School’s Art Department helps students explore different mediums and find their art interests. 

LHS offers a wide range of support and resources for students. 

“We have eleven specialized art teachers and seven studio spaces including dedicated spaces for wheel-thrown ceramics, video production, digital art computer labs, film photography, sculpture, and traditional 2D media,” Ashley Grant, an art teacher, said. 

Throughout the years, The Art Department has developed new course offerings based on student interests.

“We have been working hard to create courses that students want. Things like Graphic Design, Video Game Design, and AP Art Studio were recently added in direct response to student feedback,” Alethea Roy, the K-12 Coordinator of Visual Arts, said. 

Students appreciate LHS’s art offerings and the benefits they bring, such as creative and experimental freedom.

“You have so much creative liberty with everything that there’s no way to go wrong when you take an art class at LHS,” Elaina Li, a sophomore, said. 

Teachers also share their personal experiences in the art field with students who wish to pursue art after high school.

“Just talking about the arts in general, what [my teacher] majored in, her experiences in the field, as well as how she saw people get established as artists [was helpful]. I think it’s really cool that a lot of teachers at LHS have that kind of experience that they can share with students,” Li said. 

Another factor of the Art Department’s success is the passion of its teachers. Teachers often go out of their way to help students with their art by offering studio space for those working on independent projects and sharing information about creative opportunities outside of school. 

One offering, for example, allows students interested in building a portfolio for college to drop by Room 214 on Tuesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. starting Feb. for Roy’s Portfolio Drop-in Tuesdays. This allows students to obtain studio time, portfolio evaluations, and after-school support.

The Art Department has created a thriving creative community at LHS, allowing students to excel in their artistic efforts. 

 “The students are incredible and I love my colleagues and it feels like home here. It is a place I can collaborate, create, and learn alongside my students and coworkers. LPS is truly a source of inspiration and fuels the lifelong learner in me,” Roy said.