LHS Asian Student Union Hosts Second Annual Lunar New Year Celebration

Jolene Cai and Taili Gao

On Jan. 26, the Asian Student Union (ASU) hosted its second annual Lunar New Year celebration after school in Commons II at Lexington High School. This event was held in collaboration with AAPI staff members to promote Asian cultural awareness.

Lunar New Year is a holiday that marks the arrival of spring and the start of a new lunar calendar year. This year, the holiday began on Jan. 22. Celebrations for the Lunar New Year vary across locations and cultures.

“Even within China, there are so many different ways of celebrating; there are different traditions on what foods to eat or what to do. I feel like there’s a lot of variety, but it’s knowing that you get together with your family,” Kayla Wang, an ASU leader, said. 

All students and staff members were encouraged to join the celebration. Attendees participated in various activities, such as Chinese paper lantern making and Chinese calligraphy, and AAPI faculty gave presentations on the history of the Lunar New Year and its traditions. 

“I’m mainly hoping that the Lunar New Year Celebration will bring awareness or educate students more on the importance of Asian traditions and our culture,” Chuning Yang, another ASU leader, said. 

With the LHS Asian student population being the greatest in number at 45.5%, many students believe that it is important for members of the school to recognize Asian culture and history. 

“LHS is made up of such a large Asian student body. I feel the Lunar New Year celebration is important. In the past few years I’ve lived here, the Lunar New Year is definitely talked about more right now. But it’s not really known yet, I just think a lot of students will appreciate at least an acknowledgment of their holiday or how families celebrate,” Wang said. 

In March, ASU will be hosting an Asian Night to continue the celebration of Asian cultures and traditions.

“I want this celebration and Asian Night to stay as Asian Student Union’s ‘signature’ events, and I’m hoping in the future years that more and more people will participate,” Yang said.