STEM, Sports, and the Shared Qualities Between

Sarah Chen and Disha Sankholkar

Although teamwork is commonly associated with sports teams, it is also an integral part of STEM teams. Two Bits and a Byte is a robotics team at Lexington High School which takes part in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics competition. 

“Like sports teams, STEM teams like Two Bits and a Byte meet consistently, put in dedication, and practice teamwork,” Maggie Zhu, a member of Two Bits and A Byte, said. 

Membership requires a high time commitment, as club meetings are held four days a week after school from Tuesday to Friday. 

“Every meeting is around 2 hours, however we have longer meetings on days leading up to competitions. Sometimes team members also work outside of arranged meeting times in order to meet goals and deadlines,” Zhu said. 

This is not only true for the robotics teams. Kira Tang, captain of the LHS Math Team and National Science Bowl (NSB) teams, shared similar experiences to Zhu regarding competition preparation.

“I would say that members spend a lot of time honing their knowledge and skills on their own. Practices are really a place to collaborate and build off of each other’s ideas and problem solving methods,” Tang said. 

Besides hard work and dedication, STEM and athletics teams also need to develop strong collaboration skills among members. 

 “I think STEM teams and sports teams need the same kinds of humility and trust in order to succeed,” Tang said. “It’s a game-changer to have team members who appreciate each other, strive to find a middle ground, and take the task at hand seriously.”

Both Zhu and Tang share common beliefs regarding how being part of a STEM team taught them the importance of working together. 

“Team competitions are all about communication—being able to ask each other questions and collaborate in a way that values each individual voice and perspective,” Tang said. 

Ultimately, both STEM and athletic teams depend on the effort of every member to overcome challenges and excel in their respective fields. 

“I’ve learned being a part of a team is more than just winning–it requires cooperation, communication between team members. Only a team which works together well can have a chance at reaching their potential,” Zhu said.