Senior Prom Going Virtual with Fundraising Money Being Redistributed to Students

Anvita Kalpande and Sapphire Wang

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Lexington High School’s senior prom will be completely virtual this year. Last year, it was canceled, which greatly disappointed many seniors who had been looking forward to the dance. With the virtual setting, the budgeting needs for prom have changed; the money that the class of 2021 had raised from the past four years has now been redistributed to the students.

“Since prom is now going to be cheap, we are hoping that with the money we give back to the students, they will be able to buy their own snacks and drinks. According to our calculations, each student will receive $1.80,” Phirun Chan, a member of the class of 2021 student council, said.

Not only has the cost of prom itself drastically decreased, but prom dress stores have also announced that they are offering half an outfit for half the price, since only the upper halves of people can be seen over Zoom.

“The redistributed money has been super useful for me. It covered one percent of the cost of my prom dress, and the store even offered matching pajama pants to go with the top half,” Raisel Bronte, a senior at Lexington High School, said. 

With picture taking and socializing being some of the main attractions of prom, students will be able to choose their own virtual breakout rooms with their friends. They can elect a DJ and, for once, play songs that they all enjoy. To ensure safe and responsible student behavior in the comfort of their homes, teacher chaperones will be assigned to each breakout room to oversee their activities. 

“To simulate the photo booths at prom, we are granting permission for kids to take screenshots in their breakout rooms with their friends. Zoom filters and backgrounds will also be allowed on school Chromebooks to add some spice to the photos,” Chan said. 

The council recently announced that they will also be hosting a virtual raffle with prizes ranging from a one-month Netflix subscription to a roll of toilet paper. Students are already rushing to buy the five-dollar tickets in hopes of winning the subscription.

“Even though I could just get a one-month free trial for Netflix, it’s way more exciting to buy three tickets instead, and possibly feel the thrill of winning something for once in my life and boasting about it to my friends,” Bronte said.

Winners will be announced at the end of prom when everyone is called back from their breakout rooms. The prizes that aren’t virtual will be available for pick up during weekdays after prom at the front lobby of the high school from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.

“Senior prom is going to be super eventful and exciting, so tell all of your friends! We know some may not be too eager to come because it’s virtual, but please have the decency to show up, ” Chan said.