Lexington High School to Mandate New Kitten Zoom Filter For All Students

Daisy Li and Sarah Liu, News Editor and Features Editor

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many members of the Lexington High School community have expressed feeling a loss of connection with their fellow students and teachers. With many students fully remote and others separated even while at school, creating a sense of community has been extremely challenging. Thus, every student will be mandated to put on kitten zoom filters to create uniformity across students’ faces. 

“I love the idea of using uniform filters. I think they’ll help everyone feel more included and promote school spirit, which has been sorely lacking during remote learning,” Pod Ronton, a junior, said. 

Many teachers believe that uniform Zoom filters will also increase student participation and classroom productivity. 

“A lot of students have their cameras off in the morning, because they typically wake up just two minutes before class started and are still eating breakfast. I believe Zoom filters will help students feel less self-conscious about their tardy habits,” Emmanuel Goldstein, a math teacher, said. 

Students agree that filters will save them both time and money. 

“With uniform filters, students won’t need to worry about being judged for their clothes, hair, or makeup. They’ll be able to save that money for the inevitable, crushing student loans they’ll have to pay back after college,” Mona Polist, a finance teacher, said.

However, not all students are on board with this plan. Critics of the filter plan say that it denies students the opportunity to express themselves through their appearance. 

“I’m not a cat,” Daniel Downer, a freshman, said.