Favorite Places on Campus

Avni Kamat, Editor-In-Chief

While LHS’ California-style campus boasts a variety of exciting spots, these locations are a few of my favorites.

Location #1 – The freshmen modular classrooms, also known as the mods, are where freshmen will typically have their History and English classes. Aside from stirring up nostalgic memories, these air-conditioned classrooms provide refuge on days when melting is a possibility.

Location #2 – Home to the Sources of Strength wheel, the Quad can feel like the heart of campus. When the weather is nice, many students will eat lunch on the Quad enjoying the sun. Additionally, during finals week, the Quad will host a dunk tank to help students relieve stress.

Location #3 – Whether you need a quiet space to catch up on homework or you need help with a research paper, the library and its wonderful librarians will have you covered. If you love to read like me, the appeal is self-explanatory.

Location #4 – During the past few years, I’ve probably spent a third of the time in LHS’ music wing. From hosting music rehearsals to a capella auditions, this wing is my second home. While some of you may never find yourself in the music wing, you will find your space, whether it’s the gym, the Blackbox Theatre, or the computer lab.

Location #5 – The Science Lecture Hall is one of the larger spaces on campus. Typically, you will have class here if your teacher is absent, or taking a quiz, although that isn’t why it’s one of my favorites. Many special events happen at the Science Lecture Hall. My freshman year, I attended a riveting student performance of Oedipus Rex.

The LHS campus can be overwhelming with its numerous buildings, inevitable traffic jams, and hidden shortcuts. However, within weeks, you will find your way, making your own shortcuts and finding your own favorite places that will make the campus feel like home.