Welcome to Lexington High School

Avni Kamat and Claire Pak

Dear Class of 2025,

Welcome to Lexington High School! As an incoming freshman, the thought of being a high school student strikes a strange balance of thrilling and intimidating. We wish we could share some secret formula for making friends, although you’ll encounter plenty of those in math class. And while we would love to offer the recipe for academic success, the ingredients vary with each individual. What we’re trying to say is that there’s no one high school experience. Every LHS student walks a path that is unique to them and reveals itself with time. As rising seniors, we are still on our high school journeys, but we want to share our experiences and offer some advice.

Avni’s Advice: Entering LHS, I had a specific vision for freshman year. However, as one might guess, my first year of high school turned out different than expected. As someone who got lost at the grocery store, I was surprised to only wander the Science building looking for my English class a few times. More importantly, I found myself liking different clubs, connecting with new people, and finding new passions. While now I see ninth grade as a foundational year perfect for experimentation, at the time, I was flustered. Freshman year is a year of change, growth, and trial and error. So keep an open mind. Don’t confine yourself to your expectations. And obviously, enjoy yourself in the process!

Claire’s Counsel: I know that it may seem daunting to return to school with hundreds of other students, especially when this past year looked drastically different from others. If you ever find yourself lost or confused, please don’t hesitate to ask anyone for help. Many teachers and students alike are willing to lend a hand, and I promise the upperclassmen are not as intimidating as you may think! I would also suggest finding a balance between work and time for yourself. During freshman year, it may seem challenging to juggle a larger amount of work and extracurriculars, but remind yourself that it’s okay to take breaks. Make sure you find time to explore the activities you truly enjoy, and most importantly, make sure to have fun!

During the next four years of high school, you will meet many different people through clubs, classes, sports, and other activities. Surround yourself with people who will help you grow, make you smile, and appreciate you for who you are. Be sure to keep an open mind and challenge yourself to explore new interests. Most importantly, don’t run in the hallways. Now take a deep breath, strap on your backpack, and be the fantastic freshman you are!

The Editors-In-Chief

Avni Kamat & Claire Pak

Olivia Hoover