Chamber Singers Selected for ACDA Conference in Boston

Shreya Kesarwani and Vivian Wang

The Lexington High School Chamber Singers have been selected to perform at the American Choral Directors Association Eastern Region Conference in Boston. In preparation for their performance this upcoming February, they have been building a new repertoire featuring diverse perspectives.

The 2022 ACDA Eastern Region Conference theme is “resonate,” capturing both the musical and personal definitions of resonance. 

“Shared resonance to me is the moments between the final resolution chord and the moment when the crowd applauds—the sound waves are resonating throughout the room, and the audience is silent as they soak it up,” Vivian Kerr, a junior and member of Chamber Singers, said. 

The conference’s theme also reflects that by fostering diversity and inclusivity, music can connect with many people. 

“Part of our mission in applying to this conference is that we had to put together a program that was not only musically satisfying and interesting to listen to, but one that satisfied particular guidelines around diverse repertoire,” Jason Iannuzzi, the Director of Choruses at LHS, said. 

The program includes a collection of works by living composers, female composers, and composers from historically underrepresented racial, ethnic, and cultural heritages. 

“All these combinations help us empathize because all our music is by someone with a background that is diverse. We definitely get to know their experiences a bit more,” Taylor Cooper, a junior and member of Chamber Singers, said. 

The theme of the program Chamber Singers will be performing is “The Heart’s Echo: Giving Voice To Memory.” Each piece has been selected to bring forth memories, such as historical moments or treasured moments with a childhood friend. 

One such piece is “A Blessing of Cranes” by Abbie Betinis, a composer based in Minnesota. The lyrics are inspired by Sadako Sasaki, the young Japanese girl who, diagnosed with leukemia after the bombing of Hiroshima, folded over one thousand paper cranes with the hope of recovering. 

“[“A Blessing of Cranes”] basically talks about the act of bending and folding and loving this origami crane into life is an act of peacemaking because you are dedicating yourself to something beautiful. And, in the same way, the singers who are performing this program are dedicating themselves to creating something beautiful,” Iannuzzi said. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the logistics of performance are undetermined. Masks may be required while singing, and audience members may be distanced due to social distancing protocol. Despite these uncertainties, many of the students in Chamber Singers said they are grateful for the opportunity to practice together and perform in front of an audience. 

“[Singing] at ACDA is an incredible honor, and I am so proud of Chamber Singers for all the work and love we continue to pour into our music,” Kerr said.