LHS Girls Varsity Swim Team Emerges Victorious

On Oct. 8, the Lexington High School Girls Varsity Swim Team won their meet against Reading Memorial High School, which was their first victory against Reading in over twelve years. 

PJ Gruskin, a junior at LHS on the team, discussed the preparation for the meet from the bus ride there as well as efforts to pass on the sentiment of rivalry against Reading to motivate all of the new teammates.

“Reading has a tradition of waiting for the Lexington team to arrive, and then make a late entrance while banging pots and singing a song,” Gruskin said. Witnessing this reminded the LHS team of their desire to emerge victorious.

The meet started with the critical 200 medley relay. 

“In my opinion, what happens in this relay dictates the tone for the rest of the meet,” Gruskin said.

Lexington won the relay, setting the team up for success later in the meet.

Overall, the team improved their performance, with many times being dropped. Gruskin described an electric racing environment. 

“The mood was incredible…everyone was screaming and cheering,” Gruskin said.

On the way back, the team played celebratory music and the coach gave a speech to praise the team for their amazing work. 

Gruskin explained how all the teammates have developed a special bond, regardless of age. Gruskin also said that playing music on the bus has helped build community.

Gruskin praised the team’s unity. 

“It’s unique because that’s hard to accomplish with a big group of 30 girls,” Gruskin said.