LHS Welcomes New Dean Crystal Hunter

Anagha Chakravarti and Zahra Karim

This fall, Lexington High School welcomed Crystal Hunter to join Scott Kmack as a dean for the Arts & Humanities building. 

As a licensed Mental Health Counselor and an adjunct professor at Cambridge College School of Psychology and Counseling, Hunter offers a new perspective to LHS’ administration as an advocate for growth through dialogue. 

“I am going to go to the ends to fight for a student. That’s just me,” Hunter said. 

She said she believes that young people deserve a chance and wants her students to know that they will have her support when they are in the right, but will also be encouraged to take accountability when they may be in the wrong. 

“I want people to know that I’m going to celebrate every little thing. Every little thing about them. Because I’m inspired by you,” Hunter said. 

Sarena Shah, a senior assigned to Dean Hunter this year, described how her relationship with the new dean has impacted her experience at LHS.

“Dean Hunter has brought more diversity and a unique perspective to the LHS faculty. She knows what’s hip and cool, and she is very understanding,” Shah said. 

Joining LHS amidst a pandemic, Hunter cited the influence of COVID-19 on her job, from the conversations with students and parents to breaking down some of the boundaries she had as an individual. 

“It’s like nurturing a life we used to know and may not know much anymore,” Hunter said. 

In addition, she emphasized the importance of sustained conversation in the LHS community to bring about change.

“Just because we change doesn’t necessarily mean it devalues any of the past things we’ve done,” Hunter said. 

With the strain of the pandemic on student’s mental health, communicating and creating a safe space for students is even more important to Hunter. 

“I have to remember y’all are young. You need hugs too, you need to be told that it’s gonna be alright,” Hunter said.