Clubs and Extracurriculars at LHS

Alexis Chen

Are you into STEM, sports, social issues, or K-pop? Lucky for you, with over 170 clubs, Lexington High School is the perfect place to explore your interests and make new friends.

In October, all of the student-run clubs gather in the Quad for the LHS Activities Fair, where all freshmen and sophomores explore club offerings. When looking for potential clubs to join, don’t be afraid to sign up for as many as you like. Feel free to attend a few introductory meetings, and then drop/add clubs according to your interest or schedule. Don’t be afraid to sign up for clubs that you haven’t tried or heard of before. By joining a new club you may learn more about yourself and might even discover a new hobby!

Some clubs support specific social causes. For example, Comfy Cozy Kids provides children in hospitals with the care and supplies that they need to have a good night’s sleep. There are many other clubs at LHS that also support similar causes, such as Cradles to Crayons and Harvard Homeless Mission Club.

If academic competitions are more your style, there are clubs that allow you to take your interests into a competitive setting. If you’re interested in STEM, students in Science Bowl, Math Team, and Economics Club all participate in outside-of-school competitions that encourage students to build knowledge and compete against other schools. For students interested in humanities, joining clubs such as the High School Quiz Show Team and Model UN will provide you an opportunity to share your knowledge on current events and foreign policy in a competition-style format.

While there’s a large variety of clubs offered, if there aren’t any clubs that you’re interested in, feel free to start a new club! It’s simple and only takes two steps: find an advisor, and fill out a form. Whether it’s a club that you start, or one that already exists, don’t be afraid to involve yourself in the school community.

From Robotics to Mural Crew, all clubs have one similarity: they can help you build lasting memories and develop your own identity. Freshman year is the best time to start friendships and find new interests; clubs are definitely one of the best ways to start that adventure as soon as possible.